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We are an adventure travel company:

Adventure Travel: "Vacation or trip to a natural environment or remote location
with the specific purpose of active physical participation and
exploration of a new experience"

We operate in the central Pacific, including the remote islands of:
Phoenix Islands World Heritage Site,
Tonga, Samoa, Cook Islands,
Fiji, Wallis and Futuna, Tuvalu and Tokelau

Our specialties include scuba diving, ecotourism, amateur radio expeditions,
bird watching, sports fishing, conservation & science expeditions

Abandoned guano miners' huts (ca 1870) Enderbury Atoll, Phoenix Islands

Want to Explore the Phoenix Islands World Heritage Site ?

On our Phoenix voyages we visit the very remote and uninhabited Phoenix Islands,
which is the largest marine reserve in the world and a World Heritage Site,
we specialize in expeditions for scuba diving, amateur radio,
bonefish fishing, science surveys and other specialty charters.

We always visit Kanton (Canton) Atoll, with other islands optional:
including Enderbury, Orona (Hull), Birnie, Rawaki, Manra (Sydney),
Nikumaroro (Gardner) and McKean
plus Atafu and Nukunonu Atoll in the Tokelau Islands


2015 Phoenix Islands Expeditions:

1) Expedition (non scuba):
Mon 13th April to Tues 28th April 2015 (fully booked)

2) Expedition (non scuba):
Mon 4th May to Wed 20th May 2015 (fully booked)

3) Scuba Diving Expedition:
Fri 14th to Mon 31st August 2015 (fully booked)

4) Adventure Expedition (non scuba):
Wed 2rd to Fri 18th Sept 2015 (space available)

2016 Phoenix Islands Expeditions:

1) Scuba Diving Expedition:
Tue 21st June to Thurs 7th July 2016 (space available)

2) Adventure Expedition (non scuba):
Tue 12th to Thurs 28th July 2016 (space available)


Maximum of 6 passengers per voyage - US$5,900 per passenger

For more details on our Phoenix voyages click here

Masked Boobies, Rawaki Island, Phoenix Group

Our adventure tourism, scuba diving and scientific expeditions operate in the central Pacific's
key wilderness areas

Our expeditions help protect and nurture these wild places

We run a quality business, ensuring that the central Pacific's most pristine islands are
sustainably protected, while delivering a great wilderness experience for our clients

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